Jazz Network empowers girls to be successful women leaders.

Serving girls ages 11-18 in Monroe County.

Our Mission

Through positive mentorship, skill development, and networking, we are committed to empowering the next generation of successful women leaders. Learn More

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G.R.L. (Girls Rising in Leadership) Connect Field Trip to Syracuse University

We Are Jazz Network

A dynamic support network that focuses on the development of the whole individual. We're reshaping the leadership gender gap.

2020 G.R.L. Connect at Laserton

2022 Young Women Create Project

2022 Young Women’s Sports Academy

2023 DSG Basketball Clinic

Our Programs

G.R.L. Connects

Girls Rising in Leadership (G.R.L.) Connects are opportunities for participants to connect with their peers and positive women leaders in a safe, uplifting, and fun environment. Panel discussions, educational field trips, social events, workshops, and more!

Young Women’s Sports Academy (YWSA)

YWSA is a sports enrichment program that features an all-women training staff to empower girls to be leaders, live healthy lifestyles, and build their self-confidence.

Young Women Create Project

The Young Women Create Project is a self-expression project for girls ages 11-14 that utilizes visual arts education as a way to foster creativity and maximize their cognitive and critical thinking skills. Open to all skill levels. Offered during the summer.

G.R.L. Club

The Girls Rising in Leadership (G.R.L.) Club provides hands-on leadership training through exposure, collaboration, mentorship, and skill development. In-school and after-school sessions available.

Sports Equity Fund

The sports equity fund will ensure that girls have the necessary resources, equipment, and exposure to be successful in sports. Funds are used to purchase duffle bags, tuition fees for camps/clinics, travel expenses, athletic sneakers, water bottles and more!

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